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Автор: Slike

Archipel is a PowerStruggle map, who take place on a small group of South Korean islands.
American forces have set up an advanced research complex on the main island. Unfortunately, they lost contact with it a few days ago.

  • Playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars
  • Custom dynamic ToD.
  • A dark night to make the night vision usefull.
  • Protected bunkers from armoured vehicles.
  • An exclusive respawn bunker.
  • Firing nuclear spots accessible by closing the openable bridges.
  • Some great whiteSharks in the water.

  1. Go to your Crysis Wars level folder: -> Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis WARS/Game/Levels/Multiplayer/PS.
  2. Eventually backup a existing Level folder with the same name.
  3. Extract the levelfolder from the downloaded archive if necessary by using an extracter such as 7-zip.
  4. Copy the downloaded levelfolder into the PS folder.
  5. Start Crysis Wars
  6. You can create a lan or internet server, put the level into the rotation and play.

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